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New Governors join Federation board

NEW staff and parent representatives have joined the Board of Governors for The Birmingham Federation of Maintained Nursery Schools.


A letter from the returning officers explains that Emma Knight and Gemma Weston have joined the board as parent governors after receiving the most votes.

Katherine Taylor will serve as staff governor on the group. All three appointees will hold their roles for four years.

The deadline for voting was 4pm on Friday, October 19th.

Parent Vote Results – number of votes cast:  Asif Hamid (39), Emma Knight (67 – Resigned from post.  Parent Vacancy), Gemma Weston (52), Kaltun Jama (11), Kirsty Pretty (12), Michelle Pinnock-Ouma (16), Pranita Sharma (10) Spoilt (1)

Staff Vote Results – number of votes cast:  Emma Fisher (28), Nazmeen Shaffique (20), Katherine Taylor (39), Gemma Weaving (27) Spoilt (0).