Where's the Gingerbread Man?

THE children have been looking for a cheeky Gingerbread man who has escaped the oven and hid in Forest School.


Boys and girls had been looking forward to a tasty treat but were shocked when they discovered that the Gingerbread Man had magically came to life and escaped from the oven.

They searched Forest School but when they didn't find the fondent covered fugitive the children made him a den to live in.

Key worker Mrs Wilson said: "It's all very strange. I had put the Gingerbread Man in the over and left him to bake but when we came back he had disappeared!"

"All the children were shocked by his escape and searched Forest School for any sign of him but he was too good at hiding."

To see pictures of these dramatic events unfolding click on the image below. The moment that the children discovered the Gingerbread Man's escape was also