Equality and Diversity

Article 2 (non-discrimination) The Convention applies to every child without discrimination, whatever their ethnicity, gender, religion, language, abilities or any other status, whatever they think or say, whatever their family background.

Equality Duty Act

At Selly Oak Nursery School we have a rights respecting culture where the children are playing and learning together in a diverse community. Children, parents and staff:

  • Celebrate diversity and difference in their own communities and the wider world.

  • Learn, talk and think about individual liberty, tolerance, and mutual respect for different faiths and beliefs.

  • Work together as part of the wider community and respect each other.

At Selly Oak Nursery School everyone welcomes, celebrates and respects each other's race, religion. gender identity, age, disabilities, sexual orientation and gender.

It is the overall aim of Selly Oak Nursery School to do all that is reasonably possible to ensure that the Schools facilities, services, culture and procedures are made accessible to children, staff and visitors who have disabilities and to comply with our moral and legal responsibilities under the Equality Act 2010 .We will take positive steps to remove any barriers.

Already in place:

• We have a designated car park at the back of the building for easy access.

• We are able to place a portable ramp at the main entrance points.

• All doors can be opened to accommodate a wheelchair.

• Entrances and exits are kept clear.

• We have suitable toilet facilities.

• Signage is visible and clear.

• We follow statutory guidelines regarding internal and external lighting.

• Emergency evacuation plans are written subject to need.

Our buildings are due to be updated. At a later stage the entrance to the School will be changed and a ramp installed.

Please feel free to contact the School if you require further information.