Our Vision

Embracing the unique journey we share together through equality, respect, confidence and courage.


As adults (duty bearer’s) we are responsible for ensuring children’s rights are embedded.                                                                                    

We all are different and respect differences in all that we do.            

We treat each other differently to show fairness adapting with compassion and respect.                                                                              

We provide equity of opportunity based on the support needed.    

We celebrate diversity and individuality.                                        

Everyone has access to a holistic learning environment.                     

We respect and are knowledgeable about a wide range of cultures, beliefs and values. 


We respect each other through the way we speak and act.               

We respect each other’s personal boundaries/ feelings.                      

We respect each other through maintaining confidentiality and protecting privacy.                                                                                          

We acknowledge each other’s rights.                                                        

We acknowledge and appreciate each other’s talents/skills.              

We work together and we play together.                                         

Everyone is responsible to look after our space, environment and resources.                                                                                                            

We respect our school community.



We are confident in sharing our thoughts and ideas.                           

We are proud of our achievements.                                                           

We try to do things independently.                                                            

We persevere to do the best we can/ be successful.                             

We are confident when communication                                                    

We are open to take feedback and reflect.                                               

We are confident in adapting to change.                                                  

We show positivity about ourselves and the opportunities we have.     

We are resilient and have a ‘can do’ attitude.



We empower and support each other to do the best we can be.

We have all the tools to be able to problem solve independently and confidently

We persevere when we find things difficult.

We are brave and can communicate confidently (I have a right to be 


We have the courage to question and challenge when necessary.  

We are brave when trying new things and taking risks.