Enhanced Curriculum including Creative Partnerships

The broad and balanced curriculum is supplemented by a variety of “ visitors” offering different experiences to our children.

Visits from Artists

Children are given opportunities to work creatively on unique projects alongside artists using a variety of media. eg working with wire, clay, wood, plastic and paint and learning to use the correct tools safely.

Our children are shown the various properties of the materials and encouraged to experiment and use these materials to develop their own imagination and creative abilities.

Juggling Jim

In the Spring Term, we have a visit from Juggling Jim. Juggling Jim teaches the children lots of different skills such as balancing, developing gross and fine motor control, cooperation and perseverance.

The children learn how to spin plates, how to travel on a Pedal-Go, how to juggle and how to walk on a tightrope.

Visits from Musicians

Children have the opportunity to develop a sense of rhythm and steady beat and an enjoyment of listening to and playing a variety of instruments through weekly visits from a musician.

Toni's Tots

At the start of every term Toni comes to nursery to do some drama, dance, movement and crafts with the children. She introduces our topics in creative and fun ways that really capture the children’s imagination. Her sessions develop confidence, listening skills, imagination, using different media and materials to enhance the children’s role play.

Bhangra Dancing

During the Autumn term we invite Bangra Tots into Nursery to run workshops celebrating Diwali. The children learn about the story of Rama and Sita using a variety of puppets and music. The children are encouraged to dance to a selection of Indian music and dress up in special clothes.

MAC Theatre

We have started to develop links with the MAC Theatre to offer a variety of experiences for the children. During the Autumn Term we visit the MAC theatre to see a production. Over the last couple of years we have seen ‘The Snow Dragon’ and ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’. We have also invited artists into Nursery to complete art projects with the children.

Fire Fighters

We have developed a partnership with Bournbrook fire station and they come out to visit the children each year. They bring their fire engines, fire-fighter clothes and equipment; they talk to the children about what they do and the different ways which they can help us.

Community Police Visits

The children learn about road safety through role play and films and have a greater understanding of the many roles the police undertake. They are able to take their own fingerprints and dress up in the uniforms.

Football Coach

In the summer term, visits from a qualified football coach develops our children’s Physical skills and promotes confidence and well being ,encourages a healthy lifestyle and the importance of teamwork.

Animal Man

Also in the Summer term, the animal comes and visits the children with his exotic range of animals. The animal man talks to the children about where the animals come from, what they like to eat and how to look after them.

The children get to feel and hold the animals, the animal man brings a range of animals including frogs, snakes, scorpions and spiders.


Parents are welcome to share their own experiences and interests with the children. For example, doctors, nurses ,postmen, police, cooks, musicians, dancers have all given the children a greater insight to the wider world.

City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra (CBSO)

We are very lucky to be able to attend concerts by the orchestra; it’s such a fantastic experience to be able to listen and see a wide range of different instruments being played. The CBSO introduce the children to Percussion, Wind, Brass and String instruments as well as introducing musical vocabulary such as notes, loud, quiet etc.