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What are the parents saying about Selly Oak Nursery School?

"We love Selly Oak Nursery School and our daughter has flourished so much during her time here. She was previously at another nursery prior to this, but we realised that Selly Oak Nursery offered much more varied learning opportunities and we are extremely glad we moved our daughter over. The staff are absolutely brilliant, and always go above and beyond. Thanks so much!"

Nathaniel and Vicky 

"Based on my son I can say that you made him so mature. You are so amazing showing him new things, useful things. I would highly recommend Selly Oak Nursery School to other parents. We just love it! 


"My son is enrolled in this nursery. To be honest, their care and attention to the children is very wonderful, and the style of dealing and teaching is advanced. I thank Miss Hughes and Mr McKinney in particular, and the educational staff as a whole. They are truly wonderful and hardworking."


"Selly Oak nursery is the best school, with good and caring staff. Kids learning environment such and Forest school. Creative activities and good entertainment. My daughter is learning British accent."


"It is a great school. Children learn many activities in school and staff are extremely good and friendly. If you are searching for a good nursery then just go for it."


"Greatly appreciate the service delivered towards the development of kids. Very friendly, creative, energetic and talented staff. Highly recommend. A BEST PLACE!!"

Vindya, parent

"What a fantastic job the Nursery does. My son, who was always apprehensive going to his previous nursery, not only settled quickly but also started to look forward to visiting the Nursery. We could see the quick change in his activities as well as language skills."

Rahul, parent

"One of the best things to happen to my child is to be in this School."

Osama, parent

"Selly Oak Nursery School is the best start you could offer your pre-school aged children. I have had 2 daughters attend the school and although very different from one another, SONS has provided a fantastic environment and support for every child. I couldn't be more pleased with the introduction to school and education that my girls have received, it has been thoroughly positive and there has not been one single day that the girls did not want to attend. Selly Oak teach numerous things and journey alongside each pupil to ensure the best outcome for the child.

Thank you Selly Oak Nursery School for ensuring children have a really positive start to the school day, explorative learning and structured education!"

Steven and Alish, parents

"A fantastic Nursery that brings out the best in children through different learning environments such as forest school, creative play, impact sessions and guest entertainers. My son has had one of the most beneficial and fun times of his life being at this nursery. He is now ready to start his new adventure at his next school and he is excited to transition. Thank you to all the teachers and assistants that have developed my child so much! If you want the best for you child send them to this nursery you won’t regret it!"

Edward, parent

"Wonderful place, incredible staff and very creative environment for the kids. My two children  attended this nursery and it was a great experience."

Juliana, parent

"Very good nursery school. I cannot recommend it enough to other parents. My child was very happy, safe and well prepared for primary school transition. Very friendly and helpful staff, no matter is to small for them. Lot of lovely memories."

Justyna, parent

"We chose Selly Oak Nursery School because we wanted our summer born twins to have the best possible preparation for school. It was definitely the right choice, our boys have a really solid foundation for school and they have loved SONS. The range of activities is wonderful and the children are really engaged with the staff. I would really recommend SONS to anyone looking for a nursery, we are going to miss it!"

Elisabeth, Parent

"Selly Oak Nursery is a truly special place. Every member of staff is so dedicated to ensuring the individual need of each child is met and they go above and beyond to provide a varied, engaging and positive experience for all the children. Nursery has an amazing Forest School which provides a wonderful outdoor learning opportunity each week and has proved a favourite with both of my girls. Home/School partnership is valued and the IMPACT sessions and material provided throughout the year is really helpful. Communication is excellent and Key Workers are easily contactable and always on hand to offer support and advice. My second daughter is currently at SONS and even throughout these challenging times that COVID restrictions have placed upon Nursery, they have still maintained the outstanding curriculum, care and support that every Parent would wish for their child. Thank you to all."

Catherine, Parent


"From week one my son was settled and happy, thanks to the caring staff who supported him in every way. The Nursery's resources are extensive and onsite their Forest School is extremely impressive; the sensory experiences have really helped my son to develop a wide variety of skills. He has gained both confidence and independence in abundance since starting Nursery and I look forward to his further development in the weeks ahead."

Anna, Parent

“Without doubt the best pre-school nursery in the local area. It really prepares children for Reception and gives them a head start on phonics and maths. Children who have struggled in other settings particularly benefit and settle quickly due to feeling safe and secure and happy. The activities are varied and stimulating with a wonderful forest school and many trips. The staff are dedicated to the children and bring each child on to reach their full potential.

"The nursery is well run and very professional with outstanding expertise at all levels. It provides excellent structure and boundaries and the children learn independence and how to behave within a school setting. I will always credit this nursery for engaging my son in education when he had struggled in his previous setting. He went to Reception happy and confident after an incredible year at Selly Oak Nursery School. My youngest son now attends and is having a wonderful time! I highly recommend this nursery!”

Ruth, Parent


 "My son had separation anxiety and nursery were very good at arranging a timetable which suited him to settle in better. The staff are friendly and welcoming and the children all seem really happy to be in nursery. I helped out on days and found the staff to be caring and considerate to all the children. I would highly recommend Selly Oak Nursery School."

Emma, Parent

“This is an AMAZING nursery! My son went here for 2 years (due to additional needs) in his first year he was diagnosed with autism (by a paediatrician). The Nursery not only gave my son all the additional support he needed, but us to (his parents.) The staff are all well trained to understand individual child's needs, they go at the child's own pace and tailor learning to the individual. My son has been extremely happy here and in my opinion it is the perfect place to prepare ANY child for school.”

Leanne, Parent

"Both my children went to this nursery school. I have volunteered at the nursery whilst my daughter was there as well, so I could see first-hand the dedication, loving care and professionalism all the staff displayed on a daily basis. They have encouraged children constantly to be independent, promoting their self-care, language skills and gross and fine motor skills."

Jamila, Parent

“The staff are so kind and caring, and the education she received there was brilliant. The Forest School sessions were particularly good, as were the duck and hen eggs that were incubated and hatched in the nursery. The children also had the opportunity to go on three excellent trips. My daughter was very well prepared for school and is doing well. I'm a trained Early Years teacher and have already signed up my younger daughter so she can go to Selly Oak after her third birthday.”

Harriet, Parent

“Really lovely nursery school, caring staff and OFSTED outstanding! Our kids loved their time there.”

Andy, Parent

“My daughter attended this nursery from 2016 to 2018. The staff truly understood my daughter and provided very detailed feedback regarding her daily life in the nursery. They also helped to build up my daughter's self-confidence. All staff are kind and responsible and my son has started to attend the nursery from September 2019. I would definitely recommend this nursery to other parents and my colleagues, especially anyone whose children are struggling with settling down in other nurseries.”

Hongsin, Parent

“Selly Oak Nursery School is more than just its outstanding OFSTED report; it is an outstanding community of teachers, parents and children, with a strong belief in the importance of education for all children. I wouldn’t recommend anywhere else.”

A caring Nursery School that is rated "Outstanding" by Ofsted. They provide an ideal start to children's school life. It also really benefits from being a single-year nursery rather than being part of a larger primary school.”

Jeanette, Parent

 “A really lovely nursery school, with caring staff and an outstanding OFSTED report! Our kids loved their time there.”

Andy, Parent

"I had wonderful experience at SONS for my child. They know all about kids' psychology and handle accordingly. Nursery environment is disciplined, friendly, and a great learning place and staff are well educated. I strongly recommend SONS as a nursery school."

Natasha, Parent