Eco Schools

At Selly Oak Nursery School we are very keen to develop an ecological awareness amongst our children. We are firm believers in taking care of our environment and are continually encouraging the children to consider how we can take care of the Nursery and world we live in.  We have the Eco Schools Green Flag Award and we work hard to maintain an Eco friendly environment.

The children take an active role in school as they take turns to be the Eco Warrior representative for their group. The Eco Warriors are responsible for upholding the Eco Code of Selly Oak Nursery School. For example they ensure lights are turned off, taps are not left dripping, paper is put into recycling bags and the computers are turned off when not in use. The children take their role as Eco Warriors very seriously. They are very good about remembering our Eco Code and encouraging their friends too. 

We sing the Eco warrior song to help us remember to keep our environment eco friendly.

Sort your rubbish into bins,

Bottles, paper, fruit and tins.

Eco School is lots of fun,

Saving the planet for everyone.

Eco Warriors, one and two,

Today it is you and you

We learn lots about recycling, water and being self sufficient growing and cooking our own fruit and vegetables.

"Look so much rubbish in forest school, we need to sort it out and recycle" 

"Tomatoes are so big now!"